Multi-chart-topping prodigy Daniel Baron is no stranger to pushing the envelope of pop music, and holds nothing back in his latest offering. 16 June 2017 (Youth Day) marked the worldwide release of his highly anticipated third studio album ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’, which debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes album chart.

The monumental radio hit singles ‘Beautiful Noise’ and ‘Children Of The Sun’ (SA TOP40 #1 Hit) form only the ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ in this explosive culmination of genre-jumping acrobatics he is famous for. Cinematic string sections unveil hard- style drops and collide with African deep house beats. Addictive pop-infused hooks belted out by Baron’s metallic vocals form contrast to an array of organic dance with a near Middle-Eastern flare erupting in cross-cultural fireworks.

It’s an intricate but fearlessly crafted masterpiece as apt as the lyric “I like to play with fire” in the untamed rock/EDM hybrid ‘Pyromaniac’, and as honest as the hip-hop inspired soul-baring ‘Piano Off The Roof’.

Baron’s signature youthful choirs echo through-out the alluring intro ‘Pink Atomic Symphony’ as well as the anthemic title track ‘Weekend’, which delivers the album’s constant parallel theme of celebrating love and destroying hate in one colossal earth-shaking party.
“Love is the reason that we can Armageddon on the dance floor”, sings Daniel, adding a pertinent and prophetic message of biblical proportions: “If we don’t love there’s gonna be a rapture.”

Daniel speaks about his experience creating his latest work:

“I have never been as proud of anything in my life as I am of this album. I have

never worked this hard. I’ve put everything behind this project, and I have all faith in it. My only goal with this, is prove that music can create peace and love, and bring enemies together in one dance.”

The chameleon of music — Baron remains a maverick on his love/war-path. “Weekend Of Mass Destruction” releases exclusively to Apple Music & iTunes, with 1000 limited edition autographed physical CD’s up for order.