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August 4, 2013

Crazy Beautiful World – Single

  • Crazy Beautiful World

South African hit-maker Daniel Baron has released his 9th radio single. Crazy, Beautiful World is described as a song of epic proportions and takes the listener to a place where rock meets pop, where orchestral meets electro and where classic meets future. The edgy verses paint an apocalyptic scene with angelic choir sounds colliding against synthesizers and tense pounding drums, which lead to Baron's inspiring anthemic rock choruses. The components of this track work in complete contrasting harmony in a work-of-art that can be confidently described as a small masterpiece. "Crazy, Beautiful World is a song about the world and how crazy it has become,” said Daniel, who has been in studio with producer Brendan Campbell working hard on creating new material. “The song is about how my life has been influenced by the world - the good and the bad. The lyrics describe how it's up to us as human beings to look passed all the issues of war, greed and our crazy lives to see the beauty of our world again." 2013 has been a busy year for 22-year old Daniel. He opened for Bon Jovi in May, toured the UK and walked away with a Wawela Award for Best Male Artist and Composer. His album 'It's Time' featured 8 radio singles including So Much More, See Thu, All Over Now and the chart-topping Not Here featuring ProVerb. Crazy, Beautiful World is the first single off his forthcoming second album, which is set for release in March 2014. The single is available on all major download platforms including iTunes and will be available as a free download for a week beginning 1 August 2013. A series of club remixes by renowned South African and international DJs are scheduled for release in early September.

[toggle title="Crazy Beautiful World"] It's a long way back from the aftermath But the city lights will be beautiful till the end Till the end x2 I have crashed I have burnt I have lived and learnt I fallen down but I came out alive again Again x2 And now I know that you never let me go Chorus This is a crazy beautiful world Beautiful world That we're living in And in this crazy beautiful world Beautiful world There's no giving in When the thunder begins and I'm lost within I will still hear your voice in the wind telling me who I am Who I am x2 All the tears that will fall from your broken skies And the fears that took away all my pride Here I will stand I will stand x3 And now I know that you never let me go Chorus Don't wanna waste another day And throw it all away Don't throw it all away Chorus [/toggle]