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October 10, 2014

Indestructible – Single

'Indestructible' is an inspirational pop anthem about conquering life's obstacles. Unique synths surge across a backdrop of organic strings and exploding drums that morph into soaring chorus's electrified by Baron's unmistakeable voice. Indestructible preludes the release of Daniel Baron's 2nd studio album set to release Feb 2015. Daniel is an award-winning and chart-topping SA artist with a total of 8 successful radio hits to his name, including a number one hit. He opened for Bon Jovi at FNB Stadium in 2013 and has collaborated with the likes of Pascal & Pearce (dance-duo), ProVerb (rapper) and Cindy Alter (platinum selling lead singer of 70's supergroup Clout).

[toggle title="Indestructible"] Have you ever been knocked down to the floor Crying out 'cause Your bones can take no more Do you wake up with a voice inside your head Telling you that your dreams are faded When your heart feels destroyed And your mind paranoid Say these words out above the noise Chorus I am bulletproof Nothing's gonna break me They will never take me Shout it from the roof Louder than a siren Stronger than a lion Even when the skies fall We are indestructible Woah oh oh oh oh x2 We are indestructible Indestructible When you free your mind and rise up from the fall When you start to believe the impossible You can walk through the fire, you can dance in the hurricanes You were built to survive through the hurt and the pain When you're under attack And there's no turning back Sing this song through the aftermath Chorus Bridge We are, we are (x3) Indestructible The world is ours We chase the stars We are, we are Indestructible (x2) Chorus