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September 22, 2012

It’s Time

‘It’s Time’ was produced and mixed by producer Brendan Campbell (with two tracks produced by Myles Shannon) and contains Baron’s familiar songs including ‘Paint My Blue Sky’, ‘Different Feeling’ and ‘Wrongfully Detained’. The two most recent singles have had remarkable success at radio level. ‘So Much More’ peaked at number 2 on the Kia Take 40 SA in July and features in the current DSTV advertising campaign. ‘See Thru’, the edgy dance number featuring Idols 2009 finalist Lizé, is on high rotation on many radio stations across South Africa and has also recently entered the charts. The next single to be released off the album is ‘A Lion’s Heart’, a meaningful pop rock ballad that was inspired by and is dedicated to Daniel’s 14-year-old cousin who passed away from cancer in August. “Over the last year, I have received such incredible support from media, radio and fans, who have all motivated and inspired me to put this album together. I have really set my standards high with the quality of this record,” said Baron, who will be supporting the release with a national tour, “Some of the tracks on the album were written in the States and I have had the honour of working with a great producer and excellent musicians who have added the edge to this CD. I am sure that it will be received well by a broad audience.”

[toggle title="Its Time"] It's all you have been waiting for It's everything inside The heart that beats thru the air tonight It's time to open up the door The whole world's watching now Every Feeling and every sound Can you hear them singin oh oh oh oh Chorus It's time to win this game And start again Dont close your eyes Run through the flame It's time to overcome the pain And nothings standing in your way It's time to fly x2 It's time Fire rushing through your veins Now you can free your mind Theres no more waiting behind the line Everybody knows your name So spread your Wings and break the chains Cos in the end when u begin a legend is made Can you hear then singing Woah Chorus It's time to fly x4 Falling is impossible And your heart is unstoppable We can live forevermore So take it all x2 Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="So Much More"] Don’t let your heart break Let go of your mistakes Nothings gonna get u down Don't give up just yet Don't forget You are not alone in this crazy town Take away the tragic Feel it in the moment Dont u know there's magic all around Chorus There is so much more Than you're waiting for There is so much more That’s behind this door There's so much more To life Scars make u stronger So wait a little longer And Everything will be alright Cos pain never lingers Just reach out your fingers Soon u gonna touch the sky Take away the tragic Feel it in the moment Don't you know there's magic all around Chorus There is so much more Than you're waiting for There is so much more Thats behind this door Woah oh oh oh oh oh x2 There's so much more Ride to the otherside Dance for another night Run over the stars Straight into the light Take another breath This is not the end Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="See Thru (Feat. Lize)"] Love Ain't enough Just one word Means too much Speak Speak your truth It won't work I'll see thru Girl I want ya I I I really want ya more than ur love Girl I need ya I I I really need ya more than ur love Chorus Look me in the eye I said look me in the eye I don't care if love is blind Just say you're mine Cos I can see thru ur love x3 Tonight (Lize) Time Goes so fast Why oh why Can't it last Stay In these sheets Let's get lost Underneath Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="A Lion's Heart"] When the rain falls and it's cold outside When the people think that there's no light You can still see Yeah You can still see the sun In a world of lonely saddened hearts In a place where skies are torn apart You're the only You're the only happy one When the lights go out in here Your eyes will shine And when life don't make no sense Your words will rhyme Chorus You will never be afraid of the dark Cos you've got a lions heart Nothings ever gonna break you apart Cos you've got a lions heart When you stand up and you feel the pain tryna pull you to the ground again You just walk on and you laugh the tears away Cos you can see it and you've realized that the world is beautiful tonight And you know that There's no need to fear again Cos when the lights go out in here You're eyes will shine And when life don't make no sense Your words will rhyme Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="All Over Now"] And I know exactly what you're feeling babe I watched your red heart fade to grey I heard the words you never said to me So I know That you don't wanna love again I watched your teardrops turn to rain I waited in the cold but you never came Chorus But it's all over now And this heart is slowing down I guess it never started but i won't make it harder cos you weren't even ever around But its all over Now it's all over now So it goes The story didnt get to start Spaceships heartbreakers and rockstars Ive had my brain erased Don't know who you are Chorus Take away my soul baby if its what you need Take away my eyes so that you can see thru me If you take my heart I'll make u feel every beat It's in your hands x3 Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="Not Here"] I can't breathe No matter how many breaths I take I can't speak No matter how many words I say But I still feel every beat Of my heart killing me Chorus Who's gonna drown all my tears And wash away all my fears When baby you are not here Not here No more time waiting outside your window pain If you’re mine Then why do you never look my way Both our hearts beating fast Torn apart by the past Chorus When the tide comes in And it washes me away When the memories go But I can't forget your face Will you come home Will you still keep me safe [/toggle] [toggle title="Like Never Before"] Under the sky We will wait 'til we fly Come what may Gotta move on with the changing path Gotta know the speeds you're traveling at Then feel the light Chorus And open up your eyes Now you can see it Now you believe it Like never before x2 woahh Take what is yours Dreams run free To the core Nothings outta reach No more looking back toward the past Fall in love again and make it last Its all around Chorus Open up your eyes Now you can see it Cos now you're not dreaming You're Touching the sky Now you can feel it Now you believe it Like never before x2 woahh [/toggle] [toggle title="Different Feeling"] I've never felt this way before If its real I can't be sure I don't understand this anymore Girl when you kiss me I go weak I get shivers when you speak I get mesmerized when you look at me I can feel it when we're lying in the dark And I know that it's the way you touch my heart Chorus This is a different feeling I'm dead but I'm breathing I'm up and I'm down and I’m spinning around And I'm dreaming of love I know the night is getting late But baby I want you to stay And I know that there's no other way Girl I will hold you in my arms Til the starless night is gone Your hand will always be inside my palm I will feel it when we're lying in the dark And I know that it's the way you touch my heart Chorus Go and break my heart Just like from the start I don't mind Yeah I know there've been other girls Like a thousand pearls all around the world But with you there's something different Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="Both Ends Burning"] Alone Broken down and cold to the bone Feeling like a sinking stone Looking for somewhere to call home Does anyone care That I don’t have a place go Is anybody there Will I ever know Chorus I can see the fire now Burning as the world keeps on turning round Little lungs are crying out Time is moving on and no ones learning How do we begin with Both ends burning Down Flames The flames are overtaking all My Dreams And the rain ain't gonna put the fire to sleep Is someone gonna come and save me Does anyone care That I don't have a place to go Is anybody there Will I ever know Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="Wrongfully Detained"] Broken skies and tears of pain Little children crying in the rain Every night They say some seasons never change But there's no reason why they have to wait Without life Lying in the cold Nothing left to hold With no words to say Chorus Can you feel the pain Can you find a way to get these little hands out of these chains Will they live again Will they smile someday Still another innocent heart remains Wrongfully detained Lost and found with one last breath Across the ocean trapped In loneliness Left to drown I see both ends burning now Another child is falling while world stands around There's no moving on All the time has gone Someone needs to say Chorus They don't even know what love is They can't even see the damage done They've done nothing wrong They just need someone Who can set them free Chorus [/toggle] [toggle title="Paint My Blue Sky"] My lips hurt Cos I can't kiss you But I can't miss you Anymore My heart beats fast Cos when I see you I don't mean to Fall in love I just do Chorus I love it when you paint my blue sky baby You colour in my world and drive me crazy You can make a different rainbow everyday Without rain And paint my blue sky x3 you give me happiness Happiness for free My mind is gone I’m gonna crash soon So I wanna ask you If you do Feel the same Chorus My life began When I met you So I won't forget to Say thank you For painting my blue sky x3 With happiness Happiness for free Chorus [/toggle]