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October 11, 2019


11 October 2019 - Local pop sensation Daniel Baron has had an incredible year. He released the singles ‘Goddess’ and ‘Speed Of Light’ and has been instrumental in the production and songwriting elements on a variety of singles by up-and-coming musicians. However, there comes a time where Daniel creates a track which is unlike anything he’s ever done before. This was certainly the case with his just-released single ‘Thula’. ‘Thula’ was inspired by Daniel’s love for the African house and Gqom genres. After spending some time in Durban - the place that gave rise to an all-new South African musical genre known as Gqom - Daniel was inspired to create his own interpretation of the local sound that is already making waves around the world. The star blended elements from both genres to create a banger which is sure to set dancefloors around the country alight. On ‘Thula’, Daniel worked closely with rising stars John Tsenoli and Zinah and humbly stepped out of the recording booth to give both acts their space to shine while he shifted his focus to the production element of the song. ‘Thula’, the Zulu word for ‘be quiet’, is chanted throughout the contrastingly thumping beat and booming bass line of the track. Baron adds a more melodic twist to the production, adding an extra dimension to the rap hooks where both John and Zinah take the track to a place fans of the star have never seen him explore before. Daniel is known for his genre-bending approach to music and it’s something that has continued to push him as an artist. "Some may think I'm crazy to keep jumping into new genres, but I just can't help it. To me, music is music no matter the style," Daniel says of the new single. “This song is so different to what I’ve done before. It encapsulates the future of the South African dance sound. It’s also my first release that I don’t sing on. Instead, I’ve featured the phenomenal voices of two newcomers in the South African music industry which was something that was very important for me to do.” Featured artists John Tsenoli and Zinah, commend producers like Daniel Baron for pushing themselves sonically and building on what has become a proudly South African sound. “It’s so amazing to be part of something different and being able to explore as an artist. The freedom of using my own language which I’ve never done before is really incredible,” Zinah says. Meanwhile, John adds that "It was a great learning adventure for me to head into the studio with Daniel Baron about 18 months ago to lay down vocals on this track,” he says. “My taste in music has always been across all genres, so even though this sound is an unexplored avenue for me, I was stoked to be able to work with an artist of Daniel's calibre, who is well known for pushing the boundaries on the current South African music scene." John ‘Thula’ is another example of how Daniel Baron is pushing himself creatively and while this is certainly his most adventurous single to date, Daniel promises fans that he’s not done experimenting just yet. In the meantime, fans can download or stream ‘Thula’ on their favourite digital music platforms now.