Daniel Baron heads into infinity with 10th single release



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Award winning chart-topping hit-maker Daniel Baron has released his 10th single, Infinity. The space-aged ballad marks a new chapter in the singer songwriter’s musical journey and is the second single to be released ahead of his much-anticipated second album out in mid-2014.

“This song is almost like a message from outer space to a world that has forgotten about love.” says Baron, who had remarkable success with his debut album It’s Time, which spawned 4 charting singles including the number one hit Not Here featuring rapper ProVerb, “There is a slight darkness in this record. A lot of people don’t believe in love anymore, but this song tells how love does exist and that it can defeat the dark and outlast time. It’s infinite.”

Infinity, co-produced with Brendan Campbell, is a bouquet of haunting melodies gliding over violins and cellos. Simplistic lyrics with deep meanings, drawn from personal experience, are the build-up to a moving chorus. Daniel’s fans can expect something out of the ordinary as his experimentation with new sounds is heard in the distorted drumbeats, sound-wave destructed piano’s and vocal reverbs of galactic proportions. The rock element is still imminent in the looming guitars.

Baron has demonstrated remarkable achievements in the past 2 years having had 3 songs in an international documentary film, a collaboration with multi-million album selling artist Cindy Alter from Clout and a single that received air play on BBC Radio 2 in mid-2013. His biggest performance to date was to 65,000 people minutes ahead of Bon Jovi hitting the stage in May 2013.


  1. Oh cool Dan you have done it again, wow congratulations on your new single, heard the song over the weekend and just love it and sure will vote, vote, vote till it hits #1 on the charts. Cherry bye

  2. Thank you Daniel for sharing your wonderful and unique talented music 🙂 May your and your fans journey with multiple music be blessed with love, new experiences, prosperity and above all the knowledge of being an instrument of inspiration and pure listening pleasure.