Looking back at the Tours

Daniel Baron has been actively touring for over 10 years. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane to look at some of the highlights.

OASIS Music Festival in Pretoria, 2018

Daniel Baron and his band performed to over 30 000 people at the infamous Joburg Day Music Festival in 2013

Opening for Bon Jovi at FNB Stadium in front of 65 000 people in Johannesburg.

After the success of his major hit ‘Children of the Sun’, Daniel took his live energetic set to the night clubs where fans could see him in a whole new light.
In 2018 Daniel travelled around South Africa to play his hits in an unplugged show.
This was a continuation of his 2018 unplugged tour which then amalgamated with a few of his electronic shows.

Then… for those die-hard fans out there, we’ve pasted some further dates that you may remember attending and rocking out to your favourite DB tunes.


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